Kaye Matucheski
700 Edison Street
Antigo, WI  54409
(715) 623-3633 ext 102

Jeanne Jensen
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer
700 Edison Street
Antigo, WI 54409
(715)623-3633 ext 113


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The Clerk-Treasurer's office is responsible for the City's finances.  This office provides professional financial management services as mandated by state statute and required by the City Council, Administrative Office, and all Departments within the City of Antigo.

 The City completes a comprehensive annual financial report showing the results of its annual audit, in addition to facilitating the annual city wide budget process which includes a capital improvement plan.  This office is also responsible for the City's borrowing, investing and banking, as well as billing and collections.  Administration of grants and the City's accounts payable occur in this office as well.

 It is an objective to maintain a sound credit rating in the financial community and assure taxpayers that the City is well managed by using responsible financial management practices and maintaining a sound fiscal condition, accurately recording financial transactions and providing  accounting services to all City departments in order to verify their public purpose, need, and compliance with the various sections of the ordinances, policies, and budget.